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Honour their memory at Yad Vashem

Since its inception, Yad Vashem in Jerusalem has been charged with the sacred mission of preserving the memory of each of the six million victims of the Holocaust. In addition to collective sites of commemoration, Yad Vashem offers a personalised way to commemorate individual victims as well as survivors in its Memorial Cave, which is now being expanded due to requests for more space.

Over 1,000 memorial plaques from other communities have been dedicated and in order to meet demand, Yad Vashem is offering members of the Australian Jewish community an opportunity to acquire personalised 30 x 30 cm plaques at a price of US$1800 each for mounting in the designated Australian Section of the expanded Cave.

Order Form

You can order a plaque directly from Yad Vashem here or you can download the Order Form using the link provided as a PDF or you can download and complete as a Word Document.

You can also download the Order Form together with a “suggested wording” pamphlet as a PDF or as a Word Document.

An example of existing plaques can be seen by clicking here or you can look at a picture of the wall taken in November 2014 by clicking Memorial Cave on the menu at the top of this web page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there someone local that can help guide me through the process and how to word the plaque.

Yes, by phoning Australian Friends of Yad Vashem on 0450 603 703. Our Project Officer would be more than happy to assist you in the process.

What material are the plaques made of?

Plaques are made out of stone similar to monumental masonry.

What is the maximum number of lines on a 30 x 30cm plaque?

The number of lines per plaque and characters per line is size-dependent, and it is very difficult to give a clear-cut answer. However, for a 30 x 30 cm plaque, the absolute maximum number of lines is approximately 12.

What if I want a larger plaque than 30 x 30 cm?

Whilst our preference is to have the same size plaque, in the event that the number of names will not fit onto 12 lines, the possibility does exist to order a larger plaque. Please contact the Australian Friends of Yad Vashem  on 0450 603 703 or email to discuss.

What font is used on the plaques?

The font used for Latin characters is called CG triumvirate. Only capital letters will be used. The font used for Hebrew characters is called זיו .

What do people normally write on plaques?

The Order Form contains options for wording. You may wish to consider the following format:

In Loving Memory of

Who Perished in

Dedicated by

Please note the wording will be in capital letters. Should you need assistance with the wording of the plaque, please contact the Project Officer, Australian Friends of Yad Vashem, 0450 603 703 or email

Will I have the opportunity to see what my plaque will look like before it is produced?

Absolutely. A mock-up will be sent via email (or fax in the event that you do not have email) for your approval prior to it being produced.

How long will the process take?

This is primarily a function of how many other plaques are ordered and the order in which your payment is received.

What if I want to change the wording on my existing plaque in the future eg. add additional names?

Yad Vashem will honour the request to do so for US$360 per 30 x 30 cm plaque.

What do I do if I have additional questions?

For further enquiries please email the Australian Friends of Yad Vashem or telephone 0450 603 703

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