Notable Comment – 2015

World class lecturers! Inspirational super special people. An absolute privilege.

Too many things to summarise in such a short period of time. The way one brings history to students as both story and information is very impressive as is the structure of the entire seminar – logical, thoughtful and cohesive. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to have attended.

The resources and historical knowledge here are amazing as are the excellent presentations. It has just been great!

I learned and absorbed so much. I really appreciate it. The scope of the speakers wowed me. I loved the passion in the classroom. Thank you to Gandel Philanthropy.

Expanded my knowledge; now have so much to incorporate into my lessons, it will be quite a challenge to do this justice!

Thanks are due to Gandel Philanthropy which allowed us to have this amazing experience.

I was just teaching WWII and thinking I was teaching the Holocaust. I also come away with a network of colleagues. I got what I wanted.

Filled in what was missing – the complete story of what really happened.

Documents in general are very focused on the perpetrators. The balance between the perpetrators/Allies/Jewish documents will appeal to more kids and make the Holocaust the standout part of the Year 10 course because there is just so much good material.

I felt like I knew quite a bit about the Holocaust, but the gaps in my knowledge were huge. I don’t think I would have filled those gaps anywhere else.

An incredible 3 weeks!

Avinoam Armoni: If we, Gandel Philanthropy, could only do one thing, this is the thing I would recommend we do.

This has been such an amazing experience, most of all learning how to teach the holocaust safely and smartly and well. I’m going to go back to my students and teach the Holocaust so completely differently from how we have in the last two years. Two graduates took on year 10 history with zero guidance beyond the textbook and we taught what seemed the most important: the camps and ghettos and statistics and the horror. But being here has been so amazing and I’ve learnt so much, and now my students will understand so much more about how Europe reached that point of allowing the Holocaust to happen, and how people can fight against discrimination and hatred. I’m also going to go home and rave to everyone who’ll listen about how awesome Israel is and how much fun I’ve had and how brilliant this program is. Thank you so much to everyone for everything.

Just been marvelous to learn from each other how we intend to apply what we learned. I look forward to those professional conversations.

My school is very supportive and open to the further knowledge and changes I come back with.

Being in this environment is a highlight. You kept 30 people engaged and focused on a topic that is difficult. It is mindboggling that (of the 30) 28 people with no Holocaust connection will now be witnesses.

The Safely In Safely Out approach you taught in teaching the Holocaust to kids is vital!

Yad Vashem’s educational philosophy re making educational content meaningful is very challenging. One cannot understand the Holocaust in full without studying it in Israel.

Very important to do this program in Israel … there are a number of things you pick up just being in Israel. Realised I have serious gaps in my Holocaust knowledge.

I sharpened my knowledge and was given great pedagogic tools to not traumatize children!

Been an amazing perspective to view WWII and the Holocaust through Jewish eyes.

Very grateful to Gandel Philanthropy.

Privilege to walk around Yad Vashem.

Never just get perpetrators’ point of view.

What got me was the first hand knowledge we received from survivors giving their testimonies.

Learning Centre is incredible.

Mindboggling the generosity of Gandel Philanthropy.

It has just been such an honour.

Quote by Chairman of Yad Vashem’s Directorate Avner Shalev regarding ; ”Holocaust education is deeply relevant to general society. It confronts the slippery slope which occurs when nations do not bolster the fragile ethical foundations underpinning civil society, foundations which require constant nurturing”

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